Justice has ruled Ana Rosa Quintana and his television program after the denunciation of Pablo Iglesias against the presenter. She has announced it this Monday; both she, Mediaset and the director of the AR program They have won the complaint filed by Pablo Iglesias against them for the opinion expressed by the presenter two years ago on the management of nursing homes during the pandemic. The judge says that he has the right to express his opinion, even if what he says is not true.

“I don’t like to talk a lot about Pablo Iglesias,” Ana Rosa Quintana began to say before breaking the news, while on the set they told her that she was “in luck.” “More than congratulations, I think you should know,” said the journalist. “Because there was a lot of publicity, especially by Pablo Iglesias, there were all kinds of comments, tweets, absolutely everything, I stopped going on Twitter…”, explained Ana Rosa and gave way to the news.

The Justice has had to rule on “an opinion in the editorial that I make on the management of residences during the pandemic. At that time he was vice president. The judge estimates that the opinion was built based on the information provided by the judge himself government team. In other words, we have beaten Pablo Iglesias”, he said, boasting of the victory, although it is known by all that the management was really in the hands of the Autonomous Communities.

The vice president’s complaint was produced by a few words by Ana Rosa during her editorial in those days of the beginning of the pandemic. “The leader of Podemos blames the dead in nursing homes to Diaz Ayusowhen he was responsible for the geriatric hospitals”. An opinion that the journalist built based on information that Iglesias himself had given at a press conference during the start of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

For this reason, the judge has decided to agree with the program, the presenter and the Mediaset group.

The networks explode before the judicial decision

Social networks have not been slow to show that Ana Rosa knew perfectly well who the powers in the matter of residences were, and that the judge has assumed that she did not know it to rule against the plaintiff.