Ana Rosa Quintana celebrates the end of the season with a summer party in her own home

It has not been another year for the great matriarch of television. At her 68 splendid years, Ana Rosa Quintana He rolled up his sleeves, left his comfort zone in the reign of the mornings and got down to work to serve his chain: he took charge of the afternoons after the end of Save me. And there it is. Some believe that it has been a, let’s say, complicated season for her, because Usera’s, despite the difficulty of making the afternoon, has had to face the powerful soap operas of La 1 and Sonsoles Ónega, which usually wins the party except in few exceptions, although the former employee of AR It does not carry advertising and has the priceless auction of Pass word.

But, as far as possible, Ana Rosa hasn’t done so badly. That’s why, The woman from Madrid celebrates a party at her home in the capital to entertain her friends and other workers from Unicorn Content, its production company, from its Mediaset network.

He will do it this Friday night. The journalist has summoned everyone at her home at 9:00 p.m. and until the body can endure, which is why she doesn’t work on Fridays. The event is planned to be held in the garden, and was scheduled a week ago, specifically on June 20, but due to the rain forecast, which, by the way, came true, they had to postpone it until the 27th.

Guaranteed fun

Quintana has always been very generous with her employees. He was when he presided over Cuarzo and he is now with Unicorn Contents, a production company that he directs together with his right-hand man since time immemorial, Xelo Montesinos. She, of course, will attend the party, as will Antonio Montero, Marisa Martín-Blázquez, Paloma Barrientos, Miguel Ángel Nicolás, Silvia Taulés and, of course, the three magazine directors she has on her staff: Jorge Borrajo, from WeekLuis Pliego, from Readings and Vicente Sánchez, from Ten minutes. In addition to them, the celebrities from the current affairs table: El Cordobés, Vicky Martín Berrocal, who by the way has definitively broken up with Enrique Solís, as we already mentioned in this newspaper, Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo, who surely sing something; the former president of Andalusia Susana Díaz, the former president of the Community of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes, Cristina Tárrega, Bibiana Fernández and, of course, her nephew, Kike Quintana, the big surprise of the program. All of them will make the party guaranteed fun.

But Ana Rosa has not left out her morning colleagues either.the space now called We’ll see and which his right-hand man, Joaquín Prat, presents with great success. He, of course, will go to the house of the one he considers “his great friend” with his sister Alejandra, who this year decided to leave Sonsoles to collaborate several days a week with her brother’s heart table, and perhaps one more , as could be Alessandro Lequio.

Ana does this right before going on vacation. This Thursday will be his last program before taking the entire summer on vacation. Yes, like every year, the presenter takes two and a half months and will return in mid-September, as she herself has said, in the afternoons. She clarified it because many were speculating about her definitive retirement. “In case it’s not clear, in September I’ll come back and come back in the afternoons,” she said in her last interviews.

Ana Rosa parties are common at the end of the season. Last year it was also at her house. However, two years ago, she celebrated it at the La Caprichosa farm in the Madrid municipality of Villa del Prado. There we were able to see Sonsoles shortly before it was known that he was leaving her and going to Antena 3. In fact, Ana Rosa wanted to go out to the door of the property to pose for the media that had come to cover the party and she did so together whom he considered his praetorian guard of presenters. Sonsoles was there with Joaquín Prat, Patricia Pardo, Ana Terradillos and María Rey. That was the last photo of Ana Rosa and Sonsoles together. You already know the rest of the story..