Ana Rosa Quintana, Cayetana Rivera and her boyfriend and all of Seville, at the farewell to El Juli

El Juli’s farewell in Madrid was the prelude to the final fireworks. On Sunday, October 1, La Maestranza took over from Las Ventas and became the end of the Madrid bullfighter’s festival. It was his withdrawal from the arena. Among the famous people who accompanied her at his farewell were Ana Rosa Quintana and her husband Juan Muñoz; and Cayetana Rivera and her boyfriend, Manuel Vega. The party later moved to the El Balcón de Ría Grande restaurant, in the capital of Seville.

Ana Rosa Quintana, wearing sunglasses, opted for a total summer look. Regarding the beating suffered by Manuel Díaz ‘El Cordobés’, the journalist commented that she feels fine, despite the scare in the square: “It’s not serious, just a somersault.” El Cordobés is one of the signings of TardeAR, a social gathering partner on the set of Ana Rosa.

Tana Rivera, who arrived hand in hand with Manuel Vega, remembered the one who has been her father’s companion for many years. Niña Pastori defended that Juli has the right to retire at whatever age he considers, although she acknowledged that he will greatly miss seeing him bullfighting in the bullrings. César Cadaval, very fond, and Pedro Trapote also attended.

Just like Juan José Padilla, who arrived at the Maestranza with his wife, Lidia Cabello; and José María Manzanares, with Rocío Escalona. Also, the right-handed Juan Antonio Ruiz ‘Espartaco’, who recalled that returning to bullfighting is a decision that only belongs to the bullfighter.

Other attendees, Inés Domecq and Javier Martínez de Irujo and Nuria González together with Pastora Soler. Miguel Báez ‘El Litri’ and Casilda; and Alejandra Osborne. Below photos, the right-hander and his wife, Rosario Domenec, upon his arrival at the Sevillian restaurant where a dinner was held in his honor; and Alejandra Osborne.