Ana Obregón’s granddaughter “jumps” to the foreign press and she pulls out her nails on Instagram: “I will always protect you”

The international newspapers have collected this week the twist of the soap opera obregon: confirmation that Ana Sandra is the daughter of Aless Lequiowho froze his sperm before dying in 2020. Despite the fact that the actress says she lives in a cloud of happiness between bottles and diapers with her princess, she has echoed the media interest that it arouses and has pulled out her nails to defend her small: “Ana Jr. They talk about you in newspapers around the world. I will always protect you”has written next to the capture of one of them.

The BBC From london has been one of the first to echo the new news and the interview with Ana Obregón in the magazine Hola. They collect some of the statements of the protagonist and emphasize the problems that have been unleashed in a country where surrogacy is an illegal practice and in which the Civil Code prohibits a person from adopting a descendant: “Adoption by a grandmother could become in a problem under the Civil Code of Spain because according to article 175 you do not have the right to adopt ‘a descendant.’ However, Ana Obregón makes it clear that legally she is the mother of the baby, even if she is biologically his grandmother.”

They also have the statements of the sociologist Gonzalo Velasco in SER, who is very critical of Obregón: “He has taken it upon himself to interpret the wishes of his dead son and that is going too far. No child is ever the property of their parents and neither is a dead child.”

In The Telegraph They also pick up the news and quote Minister Margarita Robles, who has gone from opposing surrogacy to asking for empathy for Ana Obregón: “Personal decisions must be respected.”

He Italian Il Corriere de la Sera He goes further and explains that the increase in this practice (250 families a year in Italy) has forced his government to modify the law that prohibits surrogate motherhood in order to punish it even if it occurs abroad. Penalties range from three months to two years in prison. They want to make it a “universal crime” and prosecute couples who resort to this practice abroad. The newspaper sentence: “If Ana lived in Italy, she would be in jail.”

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In Telemundoone of the main Latin American communication empires, titled it: “Unexpected twist: Spanish actress reveals that surrogate baby born in Miami is her granddaughter.”