Dressed in white and with her heart wide open. This is how she presented herself Ana Obregon this Thursday on the program Joaquin, The noobwhere he remembered the death of his son Aless and the birth of his granddaughter Anita with unpublished details. He insists that it was his son who asked him for it two weeks before he died and has been blunt with the criticism received in recent months: “There is no criticism that hurts me more than burying my son.”

“Anita was desired by my son two weeks before he left us. It was his last wish, he could hardly even write anymore and he asked for a piece of paper to write the holographic will asking his father and me to bring his child into the world. Literally “, has counted. “I never doubted whether to do it or not because she had two options: take my life or fulfill her wish.” And only two hours after Aless died, she wanted to leave with him: “The last time I saw my son, when they took him away already dead, it is an image that has haunted me until Anita arrived. I couldn’t stand it.” the pain and I locked myself in a room on the seventh floor, I went out to the balcony… I wasn’t afraid, I just wanted to go with him, I raised my leg and there was a knock on the door. It was Alessandro. He didn’t know it, but he was saving me life and told me: ‘Ana, remember what Aless has asked of us.’ And how can you not fulfill it?”

Obregón acknowledges that she has grieved her son without professional help and that it has been a true hell: “I have gone through it without anesthesia but I have not made any decision lightly. Anita is not a whim,” she says bluntly. “It is written by my son and before a Notary: It is my last wish to be a father even if I am not here, remember the sample that is in the United States.”

Ana has defended the surrogacy process, a method that is not legal in Spain: “It was in the United States because it is legal there and everything is done with the freedom of the woman who wants to do it. I respect those who do not agree but They also have to respect a mother’s right to fulfill her child’s last wish. And she points out: “Anita’s arrival has changed my life, but I still cry every day. My son’s room is still the same as when he left, I haven’t even unpacked his last suitcase, I can’t.”

The other version of the story

Ana Obregón’s story is absolutely heartbreaking. However, there are points in which it does not coincide with the version of history defended by Alessandro Lequio’s environment. “Ana bases her justification on a big lie,” they tell us without reservation. “Aless never asked to be a father after he died. That supposed wish is in her head and nothing more”, they add. “There is no document that supports Ana’s story and Aless’s father, Alessandro Lequio, and the actress’s son’s girlfriend knows it,” they explain.

Ana, for her part, has assured: “Lequio does not know his granddaughter, yet. I suppose that each one grieves as best they can and must be respected. He also has another family…”. And she adds: “It saddens me that I don’t know her yet. She knows that she has the doors of my house open. I think she is looking forward to it but she is waiting for the media attention to subside. One day she will meet her, I’m sure.”