Ana Obregón ties Ana Sandra’s Miami nanny to an “indefinite” contract in Spain

Miami was his home for just over two months, but Ana Obregon I already wanted to return to Spain. Especially since the birth of her daughter-granddaughter through a surrogate and with the frozen sperm of her deceased son, which has made her very topical, has her schedule full of professional commitments.

Next Sunday, June 11, he will sign copies of The boy with the shrewsthe book that, according to her, her son began to write Aless during the process of treating her illness and that she herself has finished writing.

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The actress will talk about her decision to become a mother-grandmother at the age of 68 with Paul Motorcycles in the anthill. As he said in his exclusive checkout with the magazine Hola, the last wish of his son was to have children even if he was no longer alive. A version that to this day has not been confirmed by Alessandro LequioAless’s father.

The biologist will make the leap from Antena 3 to Telecinco to also sit down with her friend Bertin Osborne in my house is yours. It should be remembered that in February of last year, the protagonist of Ana and the seven He already gave the presenter his first TV interview after Aless’s death in May 2020.

So that nothing disturbs your peace of mind while doing your media tour. Obregón has brought to Spain from Miami the nanny he hired during her stay in the US city to take care of Ana Sandra. They will work “side by side” in his house in La Moraleja and he has guaranteed him an “indefinite contract” in our country with better conditions, as he assures The Spanish.