Ana Obregón lived in terror the last months before becoming a mother: “I was afraid that something would go wrong”

since he passed away Aless, three years ago, the only sense that Ana Obregon What he saw in his life was to fulfill the wishes of his son: his foundation, his book and, as he himself confessed in an interview, to have a son.

And that is what the biologist has dedicated herself to in body and soul during this time. The first two wishes, as she has already told herself these days, she has already fulfilled them. The book will be published in a few days. And for the last one, we will have to wait to find out if it is really true that she has fulfilled it.

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Apart from all this controversy, the roadmap followed by Ana Obregón to become a mother at 68 It has not been a bed of roses. In fact, there have been moments that he has lived with some fear. Sources close to the actress confirm this exclusively to Informalia: “It’s been a pretty distraught couple of months because the pregnancy could suffer a setback. Not all the gestation has been wonderful and there was a time when they worried. Ana has lived in terror at certain times, but luckily, everything has gone well and she already has the little girl in her arms.

As they point out, “Ana had placed all her hopes in this pregnancy and could not have endured more blows in her life, as this gestation process did not come to fruition. Although in the most absolute of secrets, she has been all these months preparing for the arrival of her baby and meticulously organizing all the details for when she was born”.

The personal situation between Ana Obregón and Lequio, and to what extent he is involved

That is why she did not want to tell practically anyone: “She preferred to keep it to herself. Travel when necessary without raising suspicions and manage everything. Hence, now for the delivery she has also been almost alone. Any other person in her same situation would have traveled accompanied by a relative. Nobody does this process alone if it is not for a very specific reason,” they assure us. The true degree of involvement of the father of her son, the late Aless, we will see when details of the news are confirmed. At the moment we know that the girl’s name is Ana Lequio, the name with which he has registered her, as we have published for the first time.

Alessandro Lequio he pointed out his intimates Susana Uribarri y Raul Castillo as possible topos of the leak of her maternity, a leak that has allowed her to be photographed leaving the hospital. But Ana was quick to deny it, just as her representative and her friend had done before.

Lequio first said that he “knew everything”, to later clarify that he was missing “some details” and appear upset. He has hinted that he is having a hard time and that this situation bothers him tremendously. The last three years have not been easy for him either, but he lives resigned and remembering each day Aless. But she does it quietly, without publicity.

He never agreed with Ana’s decision to become a mother again, and let’s not say if the creature also involves him. This is how he made it known to his ex when he told her her intentions. However, Ana wanted it to be known that he was aware of this pregnancy. It is likely that, given the commotion that was being created, she wanted to make it clear that lequio Another thing is that he knew “everything”, as the Italian said.