Ana Obregón is in cahoots with the agency that ‘stole’ her latest photos in Miami

Last Wednesday March 29, Ana Obregon appeared on the cover of the magazine Hola Leaving Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami with her daughter-granddaughter in her arms. A week later, last Wednesday, April 5, Ana herself exposed her daughter-granddaughter, exclusively, on the cover of the same weekly.

This weekend new images of the actress and presenter for Miami came to light. The first after becoming mother-grandmother of Ana Lequio Obregón. Among the paparazzi that persecuted the presenter to get these last photos, those of the Teleobjetivo agency, owned by Antonio Montero.

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The collaborator has given revealing details this Tuesday on the set of Save me. He has assured that not only his agency obtained these images, broadcast this weekend in Fiesta, but behind his photographers there was another car with paparazzi from another agency. They also tried to photograph the actress, but at the time of taking the photos she passed a bus that spoiled her work.

According to Montero, they called the protagonist of Ana and the 7 so that he would repeat the same route and they could then take the photos. With this information, the commentator has reopened the debate: Is it the same agency that took the first photos of him with the baby in his arms while he was leaving the hospital in a wheelchair? Was there from the beginning a pact between Ana, the agency and the magazine that dropped the bombshell of her surrogate motherhood?

Be that as it may, Ana has not stopped exposing her daughter, first in the magazine Hola and then on Instagram. “I will never be alone again” or “My Anita, I will take care of you and protect you, you will never lack my immeasurable love or anything financial, because for that your grandmother worked 40 years”, are some of the messages that she has left next to the photos without pixels of the little girl.

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An attitude very contrary to that of Alessandro Lequio, who opts for prudence to respect the memory of his son, who never liked fame. “Out of respect for my son, I am not going to talk about him (…) That my son is once again the protagonist of today makes me angry and sad,” he explained this Monday on his program. Alessandro bit his tongue again so as not to open a media war with Ana and not to forget the young man’s memory. However, the situation is becoming more and more untenable and this Tuesday has been clearer, calling into question the version that Ana has given to have a granddaughter with the semen of her deceased son.