Ana Obregon y Julio Iglesias they lived great moments a few decades ago, when our most international singer welcomed her into his home in Los Angeles while she struggled to become a successful actress. This Friday, September 23, and after insistent rumors about her health, the artist has turned 79 and the presenter has publicly congratulated him.

“Dear Julio, congratulations! What an honor to be the friend of the living artist who has sold the most copies in the world: 300 million. Thank you for bringing the name of Spain through your eternal music to millions of hearts around the world” , Ana has written along with several photos of both.

Here are some significant words to his friend, who has not let go of his hand in these very difficult years of his life: “Thank you for always taking care of me, when life was precious in Los Angeles and in these difficult years in which You have been by my side despite the distance.

Ana wishes him all the best and reminds him of how important it has been for his parents: “Enjoy this day with your wonderful wife and your children. You know that my parents adored you and that I love and admire you, my soulmate”, has sentenced.

Obregón has experienced his worst years since 2018, when his son was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. Two years later, Aless Lequio passed away in Barcelona after a tireless fight. In May of last year, Ana’s mother died and, this weekend, her father. Julio, in these years, has been interested in the state of mind of his friend.