Ana Obregón attacks Irene Montero’s ministry: “What crime have I committed? Have I released a rapist? No, I have only brought my granddaughter into the world”

The last interview of Ana Obregon It’s going to bring a tail. And the presenter has emptied the magazine against the politicians who criticize her decision to become a mother through a surrogate in the United States. Ana Obregón gives names and surnames: Pedro Sanchez e Irene Montero. And she pulls out her nails without hesitation: “What crime have I committed? Have I killed? Have I stolen? Have I released a rapist? No. I have brought my granddaughter to life. A woman can do with her body whatever she wants. If I want to have an abortion, I have an abortion, and if I want to be a surrogate, I am. Nobody puts a gun to your head. What happens is that it has been very good here, it has been a smokescreen for what Irene Montero has done in the Ministry of Equality.”

The ex of Alessandro Lequio attacks the minister: “I don’t give a damn about the laws here and what Irene Montero says. Do what you want with your body. Would regulating surrogacy be a solution to the existing debate? Of course, this is an issue with many aspects, not only legal, but also ethical and moral. There will come a time when it will be done. “I don’t think there is a greater justification in the world than to comply as a mother with your child’s last will,” she said in Elle. “My case was very good for them to hide everything about the Only Yes is Yes law. There are a thousand rapists who are going to be left on the street, 200 are already out.”

For Pedro Sánchez he also has his own thing: “All because weeks before he had openly attacked a Government that neither investigates nor gives money for cancer. Pedro Sánchez does not even finance some drugs that are already being investigated, such as one for metastatic breast cancer. It is said that surrogacy has nothing to do with freedom or altruism, but rather with marginalization. But there are lines of women in the United States who want to get pregnant! I have not gone to India to abuse a poor person. “Everything has been done legally.”