Ana Obregon she is upset because her little girl Ana Sandra The planes that cross the skies of Miami do not let him sleep and cause him constant small shocks. Despite the fact that both reside in a privileged area of ​​Miami, they have not been able to escape the noise made by the planes rehearsing the traditional “Memorial Day”, a celebration that takes place at the end of May each year in honor of those who died while serving the Armed Forces in the US.

The presenter is devoted to her role as a grandmother, fully dedicated to the care of Ana Sandra and, as usual, what worries her most is that the girl can be calm and happy.

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Ana is being more active than usual on social networks, and she has not hesitated when it comes to uploading a video on her personal Instagram, where you can see and hear a plane flying through the sky, very close to the building where they live.

Along with the images, the actress has published a text in which the complaint can be read: “Rehearsals for ‘Memorial Day’ Every two minutes waking up Anita!” Thanks to this exclamation it is possible to perceive two curious details: one, that the actress is worried that the baby could be scared by the noise; and two, that Ana calls the daughter of AlessAnita, which was not known until now, since the little girl has a compound name.

The baby has a grandmother who, of course, watches over her dreams. Ana Obregón does not leave her side at any time, and she is annoyed by any eventuality that makes the girl uncomfortable. However, she is not bothered by the excessive exposure of the girl’s image to the world.

Logically, this does not mean any harm to the little girl now, and furthermore, she cannot speak about it, but possibly in the future she will not find it so pleasant that all her privacy as a baby has been the subject of public scrutiny and constant gossip.