actress and comedian Ana Milan He does not give up trying his luck in love as many times as necessary and maintains a new sentimental relationship with Luis Gestal Garce, an attractive 52-year-old businessman and consultant in an Italian fashion company of Galician origin. This is the new illusion of the also presenter, whose first name coincides with her previous relationship, the doctor also named Luis with whom she spent part of the confinement during the pandemic, and with whom she ended the relationship in 2021.

The actress and the businessman showed their love in public during a day of walking and shopping in Madrid, in which they walked hand in hand and spared no gestures of mutual affection, as shown by the magazine Hola. Milan, elegant and comfortable, dressed in a black suit jacket and pants with yellow accessories, she let herself be loved by her boy, who is known to be divorced but has no children.

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For her part, Ana has been married twice: to Jorge Juan Perez between 2010 and 2011 and with the actor Fernando Guillen Cuervo between 2014 and 2016, although his son Marco21, is the result of his relationship with the actor and singer Paco Morales.

Ana’s new love is fond of running, motorcycles, travel and has as its vital motto “even if it doesn’t stop raining, go out and dance in the rain”. Gestal has been working since 2015 as head of Spain for the Italian company Antony Morato, where he continues. The consultant studied Economics and Business Administration in A Coruña, where his father had founded the Caramelo fashion company, where his mother and sister came to work, and where he has worked since he was 12 so that school summers are not They would be worthwhile, in the opinion of his father, and he would use them to classify yarn or sweep the production plant, for example.

As he recounts in a video published on his Linkedin, after going through all the departments of his father’s company and completing his training as an executive, due to the financial crisis of 2008 he left his parents’ company, started an audiovisual production company and the bug of fashion led him back to the firm Calvin Clain, then to the technology business and online sales at Veepee.

In love you don’t have to put up with it, according to Ana

Ana is excited and seems happy, with a new relationship that can be as long as the average of those experienced by the artist. In a recent interview for the magazine ElleAna Milán has made it clear what her philosophy is regarding relationships.

As shown on his Instagram, his recipe for love to work and is forceful: “You have to stop thinking that the love that works is the love that has been around for many years. This is absurd. In fact, when you ask someone who has been with the same partner for thirty years, what is the secret and they tell you to ‘hold on’. We are not here to hold on. We must get out of our heads that ‘forever’ is what works. What works is what we like, regardless of time.”