He doesn’t want unnecessary fuss or snooping, and even less with married men, because the senior manager of Mediaset with which some try to associate with Ana Maria Aldon. the ex-wife of Ortega Cano He categorically denies any flirtation, assures that he has no intention, right now, of embarking on a new sentimental adventure, and that his only male love is his son José María. Many loves, because there are many people to whom he shows affection, but no sentimental relationships.

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Ana doesn’t even flinch when they tell her that her child’s father is proclaiming that he is single and open to love affairs. At this time, and already with the keys to his house in Guadalajara in his possessionShe is only worried about starting her new life on the right foot, recovering her profession as a fashion designer, combining it with that of a television talk show host, and getting along as well as possible with her ex-husband, for the sake of their son.

A friend from Sanlúcar reveals Informalia that “Ana looks much happier since she is a free woman, she has spent a terrible year, misunderstood and criticized by the Ortega family. She is even more beautiful and eager to have fun. Her ex did not like that she wore short skirts or clothes that flattered her figure, in that he was very jealous. He wanted to keep her in a golden cage. Honestly, Ana has taken a dead man off her back, and I’m not saying it because of Ortega, but because of the environment that never he accepted as he deserved.”