This Saturday we met by word of mouth Ana Maria Aldon that he had already signed the divorce agreement with Jose Ortega Cano after the delays on the part of the bullfighter, who wants to make sure that everything is well spoken and in writing.

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“The agreement is signed” confirmed the woman from Sanlúcar and also explained to Emma Garcia in Telecinco that they had been at the notary and that all the points of the agreement in which there were differences, have been resolved in the best possible way. A piece of news that, without a doubt, gives peace and tranquility to Ana María, who has spent a horrible summer after being off work due to her emotional state.

Although she had been clear for a couple of months that her marriage with José was no longer going anywhere, the truth is that the bullfighter drew special attention when, from Ana Rosa’s program He not only encouraged his still wife to continue together, but to look for ‘the girl’. Some statements that were most embarrassing and that left him in a difficult position.

In a few weeks, the designer will leave José Ortega’s house forever and move into the house she has acquired in El Casar to start her new life after more than a decade at the bullfighter’s side.