Ortega Cano y Ana Maria Aldon They have already signed their divorce agreement. The former fruit seller is preparing her move to the house she has acquired an hour from Madrid for more than 200,000 eurosas it has come out, and is ready to start another stage away from the bullfighter.

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A new love would be added to his ‘resurgence’. Pilar Vidal has secured this Saturday in the Deluxe that he “knows” that Ana María is excited “with a senior manager of Mediaset”. “They fool around and it’s very good,” reveals the journalist.

As expected, such news has caused a stir on the set of the program where, among others, Ana María’s daughter was present, Aldon Gem. The young woman would approve of a thousand loves the new romance of her mother: “Really, if it is true I am delighted. I don’t care if he is a manager or a farmer, my mother is a lady and a very attractive woman.”

Maria PatinoFor his part, he wanted to remind the designer that she “always” has “defended” him, since he could become “the chief consort of Mediaset”. “My soulmate. I have killed myself here for you,” said the Galician presenter with a laugh. “I’m just saying that he’s roaring and that he has a difficult time,” Pilar Vidal then qualified.