Fernando Verdasco has sat down with Bertin Osborne in a new delivery of my house is yours this Monday on Telecinco. The tennis player has reviewed his professional career, but has also talked about what it means for him to belong to the Preysler family.

From the outset, what Isabella Preysler has let him use Villa Meona, his mansion located in the exclusive urbanization of Puerta del Hierro, in Madrid, to record the interview, already shows that son-in-law and mother-in-law have a good relationship.

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for the husband of Ana Boyer, the queen of hearts “is amazing”. “I think I’m a fairly easy man, I let myself be loved, I’m very familiar, I think I’m quite affectionate… I’ve always gotten along great with Isabel. I get along great with the whole family,” she says.

She does not deny, however, that the figure of her mother-in-law “imposes” her, but that she is “a loving person, she is educated, she is there for everything… From the beginning”. “Since she is a perfectionist, she is very critical that everything is perfect and how she likes it,” added her wife at that time, who was also present in part of the interview.

In fact, it is the sister of Tamara Falco the one who has remembered how it was the first moment that her mother saw Fernando as her boyfriend and has revealed her mother’s plan every Friday. “It’s just that on Friday nights my mother invites friends over to the house and they put on a season of a series from start to finish. I hadn’t said at home that I was seeing Fernando, but that day it was five o’clock the morning we came from going out and I say ‘take me to the door of the house, there will be no one there’. He enters the car and my mother is saying goodbye to all her friends, “says Ana with a laugh.