The sister of the Marquise de Griñón has been an open book for all the press that this Thursday covered her presence at an act of high jewelry. Ana Boyersmiling and educated as always, has spoken of the controversies that persecute these weeks to Tamara Falcoof her new wedding dress and even of the supposed ‘jinx’ of the wedding with Iñigo Onieva: “I don’t believe in those things.”

Fernando Verdasco’s wife has revealed that she has already seen the new wedding dress that Carolina Herrera is making for her sister: “Yes, we made a video call with her in New York. My mother and I were there and we could see it. She is beautiful and very happy.” Now, they all breathe calmly: “The important thing is that she is comfortable and calm with her dress and her tests.”

Boyer has recounted how the famous test of the dress of Sophie and there you go from which the agreement was broken: “I think that this dress is not what best suited Tamara. I think that in the end an unpleasant situation was created and the best thing was to cut it. That moment has to be beautiful, happy and if the experience ceases to be, you have to change”, he said very correctly. Regarding her criticism of her sister, whom they have accused of being haughty and arrogant, she affirms emphatically: “What they have said hurts me because it is not true. She is very close, spontaneous, natural, very educated… I don’t think she has had bad gestures with anyone and in the tests that I was in, of course, there weren’t any”.

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In addition, Ana has provided new details about the ceremony, such as that His sons, Mateo and Miguel, will be in charge of taking the deposit of the bride and groom.: “I think so, we are seeing if we control them because they are very small”, he said between laughs. Regarding her dress, she has confessed that she has not chosen it: “I have seen several options that I like but it has not been decided. I will call my stylist, Cris, and she will surely help me.”