Many fans ask the million dollar question. Is it possible that Amrabat can sign for Málaga? The international striker for Morocco played between 2014 and 2016 in the La Rosaleda team and was always in love with the Costa del Sol. But good intentions are one thing or reality is another.

Nordim Amrabat got within reach of Málaga after ending his contract with Al Nasr of Saudi Arabia in a statement where the Moroccan-Dutchman where the Moroccan-Dutchman let himself be loved. “I have an option in Spain, one of my old loves, but they play in the Second Division.” Those ‘old loves’ are Málaga and Leganés. What if. Málaga spoke with their former player.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

But Manolo Gaspar, the Malaguista sports director, knows that it is an “impossible” operation. Amrabat has other offers such as Feyenoord or even the aforementioned Al Nasr where he charges no less than four million euros net, which is said quickly. Assuming that he agrees to collect the minimum salary of the Second Division, just over 80,000 euros, LaLiga would have to collate it and verify it based on its economic criteria. For his purposes he would compute considerably more. Conclusion, it is mission impossible for this 34-year-old player to return to Malaga.

Brandon is falling

For the rest, Málaga continues with its planning and preparation of the squad. Of all the fronts that it has open Manolo Gaspar, the clearest seem to be those of Brandon Thomas and Dani Martín. The Mallorcan forward has terminated his contract with Osasuna and has conveyed that his first option is to come to La Rosaleda. Dani Martín remains focused with Betis in Switzerland and the talks point to the possibility of a loan. Dani Martín is the fourth goalkeeper in tough competition with Rui Silva, Claudio Bravo and Joel. The signing of Brandon with Malaga can be announced shortly,