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Ambition test against Zaragoza

Gabby Barker





Elche, sixth, look for the victory against the Aragonese team, third, to consolidate definitively in the fight for promotion. Vctor is the only low and Nino to be honored in the prolegmen of the game for his scorer record.

Pacheta, in a training.

Elche and Real Zaragoza dispute this Saturday a huge match in which both teams, installed in a positive dynamic, will look for the three points at stake to consolidate as candidates for promotion. The ilicitano team, sixth, arrives to plectrum pulse and reinforced in their self-esteem after the heroic draw in Lugo (2-2), while the maos, who add six days without losing, fly towards the places of direct ascent.

Pacheta's speech has not changed despite the fact that Elche already sees the 50-point border, figure that marks the permanence, on the horizon. The technician ensures that he continues to look “down”, but also admits that the sensations transmitted by his team cause his foundations to be removed. “I also get excited,” he said in reference to the possible fight for promotion. “Winning Zaragoza will trigger everything,” added the burgals, aware that if Elche is able to add all three points, the objective should be to aim at the clouds.

Whatever the result, Elche will keep its hopes intact, but the party, unlike others, has a special significance for the entity of the rival and the time of the season. After tying at the leader's house and winning the second in his stadium, a new blow against another of the candidates will finally take Elche's cap off.

The ilicitano team will not be able to count on this match with the midfielder Vctor Rodrguez, one of the incorporations in the winter market, who suffers some discomfort in the abductors that have prevented him from debuting. It is not a serious injury, but the coach does not want to take risks. Pacheta s can have the rest of the signings, although the coach has insisted that they should wait to win their chance at the good level that the headlines are showing. Included Jonathas of Jess, the great bet of the entity in the market.


The only doubts are at the extremes, where Ivn Snchez, Josan and Fidel fight for two places in the starting eleven, while Pere Milla and Nino, to be honored in the prolegmen of the game after becoming the top scorer of the entity, are fixed on the attack front.

Precisely, the Almeria attacker, holy and be of the entity, receive a commemorative detail after having reached the 132 targets, absolute record of the entity, from the hands of Benjamn Belmar 'Benja', former partner in the quarry and first team and personal friend.

The bad team, meanwhile, is showing itself as a fearsome visitor. He has only lost three home games and in the last eight games he has hardly received four goals. Zapater, Javi Ros, Kagawa and Andr Pereira a match is lost for injury to which s last minute the forward Burgui, recent signing from Alavs.

Elche: Edgar Bada; scar Gil, Gonzalo Verd, Dani Calvo, Juan Cruz; Folch, Mfulu, Josan, Nino, Fidel and Pere Milla.

Real Zaragoza: Cristian Alvarez; Vigaray, Atienza, Guitin or El Yamiq, Grandson; Soro, Ral Guti, Eguaras, James or Dani Torres; Puado and Luis Surez.

referee: Ocn Arriz (Riojan Committee).

Stadium: Martnez Valero.

Time: 21.00.

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