After the presentation, Daniel Alves answered questions from the media. Before, he made a short introduction. For me it is a great honor and a great pleasure to wear the Barça shirt again. A long time ago, the president gave me the opportunity to experience the best things I have been able to experience as a footballer. And he gives me that opportunity again. From there, you have to start building and rebuilding to experience great moments. The Barça This has been done, with great moments. Barça is much ‘month’ than a club.

How have the first two days been?

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Very special. Going back to the dressing room and dressing short in the dressing room …. It has made me remember many things that I have experienced but, more than anything, it brings a bit of joy, of illusion for them. In recent times, this team has been loaded with negative things and it is time for that to change. Our mission here and that of the club and Xavi is not to look for the problem but for the solution. All those who call themselves Catalans, it is time to rebuild the club. The challenge is great but the desire.

What do you think you can contribute?

Fight for what we want. I have a little less hair but the desire is going to be just as great. I know what this club represents and I know what I can contribute, both inside and outside, creating synergy with the club, the fans. After all, we too have spoiled people by so many titles and perhaps they are mistrustful. But I think if we all row to the same side, the ship will reach the port.

How did your arrival come about?

I got heavy with the pressure. I told him that I wanted to go back, that I wanted to help. I did not see myself in obligation but in pleasure to help. Anyway I got so heavy that he told Xavi, take it, he can’t take it anymore, And Xavi told me that he was counting on me if he wanted to come. Many times people focus a lot on how much you are going to earn, what is your salary. It’s not important for me. I’ve never had anything. With one it is important. It is important to me to support my family and the people I care for, but it was not the time for that. But to rebuild the team. I didn’t even have to think. The rest is secondary, especially when one receives the call from Barça with the objective. We are ready for anything. And for the rúa, that when it wins it is very beautiful.

He is 38 years old. The other day he said it was “forever young.” How do you feel, do you come up with the idea of ​​being a starter?

I was not born to be second. I come to war. I do not come to pass the time. I come here to play. To fight and have the right to play. I did not come because I have made history here or have a good relationship with the coach or as a player. I’m going to get it. Fight and contribute from within. From the outside I can contribute, but from the inside too. That is my goal. Age is just number. You are seeing many great players performing. People doubted at the Games whether or not I could and I have shown it. People will expect the best of me and I will respond.

Can you imagine that Messi regrets being in Paris?

Do i say something If you give me a couple of hours I will look for it. For me, the kid is the greatest thing I have ever seen. They always miss the great ones, especially when you have a good relationship. It would be amazing to see him here again, but unfortunately it couldn’t be that way. I love him and his family very much, but now we are in a new process. I would encourage everyone to come back if they could because this is the best place. But the story now is different and we have to think about the process.

Do you think that in Madrid they fear the Daniel Alves effect?

I made myself love too, huh? The fans know the respect I have for the fans. I can guarantee, because that is within my reach, that I am not going to fail them. Neither to them nor to those who have not been able to come. Because I come to represent them from within. And that’s why I’m here. This reunion is very special.

Why haven’t the right-backs who came after you triumphed?

I am special. There is no one like me. As there are not two, it is said (jokes). In this club, just being good is not enough. Sometimes the situation does not fit but all the players who have been here are great players. But if they had succeeded I would not be here … I have spoken with Dest, we are here to contribute to each other. He seems like a great player to me. He has everything to be a great in football. These players have to be clothed. We are here to empower them.

How do you see the team, what do you think the limit could be?

Playing in tune, we can do everything. We need the obsession of having the ball. And we set the rules. That is what makes it different. You can always be active in this aspect. There are people who can contribute things. Everyone can do better. That is the spirit that is due

If you want to play against Madrid in any game?

Yes, that’s it (laughs)

Is there a clause to extend your contract if you play a certain number of games?

It is not a concern. I come until June, I count until there. And then everything can be talked about. It has to do with the results. This is like an exam. If I get 4.5, I know I’m suspended. You have to have a high note to continue. If not, I’ll take the suitcase myself in June. One of the things that makes me who I am is that I make decisions. I told the coach that I was leaving him with Sao Paulo. I have been brave since I left my house and that is how I will be. I’m not going to say that I had no doubts and what could be the pros and cons. But the decision was already made and it was not to continue. I will try to increase my chances of being called up and being an option for Brazil. Working hard and being one hundred percent committed.

What do you think of Dembélé?

Sometimes you have to believe yourself the best. And that’s not why you have to sound pushy. You have to believe that you can help Barça. We will take care to remember day after day that it is a phenomenon.

Being Xavi the coach, is it worse to miss a pass or lose a race at his age?

Losing a pass in a game. I remember a game he played in which he did not miss a pass in 90 minutes. The truth is that life takes many turns, because who would say that my partner would be the coach today. But to do great things, good people always get together. And we have come together to fulfill that mission. I will try to help him so that we can enjoy ourselves in a different way: me as a player and he as a coach.

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