Álvaro Tejero has put Eibar on a direct promotion. Collado Villalba’s side scored a great goal, with a long shot that surprised Tenerife goalkeeper Juan Soriano. It is Tejero’s second goal so far this season and it seems like a talisman. The two games, against Sporting and Tenerife, the gunsmith team wins. In addition, it seems to choose its ‘victims’ in the upper zone of the LaLiga SmartBank classification.

Before arriving in Ipurua, Tejero had become a player at Real Madrid’s La Fábrica. In the white house he entered the youngest category and was surpassing all the categories until he made his debut with the first team. Precisely, his first appearance with the first team was in the Copa del Rey, against Cádiz, in 2015. However, the premiere of the homegrown players of that game was overshadowed by the improper alignment of Cheryshev. Tejero entered the final stretch of the game, but the attention was already elsewhere. After several campaigns in Castilla, with sporadic appearances in the calls, the opportunity came to him in Albacete. Carlos Belmonte arrived on loan and played 38 games at a good level in Second, his destination was Eibar in First.

In this first armera adventure he did not have the expected prominence and after a loan to Zaragoza, he returned to Ipurua to show what he had already done in Albacete. So far this season he has played nine of the eleven league games and has already scored two goals. Tejero is settled in the eleven Eibar and for now, this day, has put him on the direct path to LaLiga Santander.