Álvaro responds to Neymar: “No racism, you have to learn to lose”

Alvaro Gonzalez has published a tweet after the controversy that the defense has had in the PSG-Olympique de Marseillethe. The Spanish footballer launched a message against racism, an accusation in which Neymar participated: “There is no place for racism. Clean race and with many colleagues and friends on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes you have to learn to lose and take it on the field. Incredible 3 points today. Allez l’OM. Thank you family.”.

Neymar published two tweets in which he accused the Marseille player of being a racist. “The only thing I regret is not having hit that fool in the face,” read the first message issued by the Brazilian on social media. While in the second he complained about the VAR and the image: “For the VAR it is 'easy' to catch me with their 'aggression'. Now what I want to see is the image of the racist calling me 'monkey son of a bitch', that's what I want to see! Colleja and you punish me … Punch and you expel me, and they? and there? “.


Coat of Arms / Flag Marseille

The match, which Marseille won 1-0 with a Thauvin goal, also left the controversy between PSG coaches Thomas Tuchel and Olympique Marseille coach André Villas-Boas.