Álvaro Muñoz Escassi clarifies the latest information about his relationship with María José Suárez: “Neither wedding nor crisis”

As soon as they talk about a crisis, they talk about a surprise wedding, and this very Wednesday, June 26 Álvaro Muñoz-Escassi clarified that neither one thing nor the other, that the relationship between him and Maria Jose Suarez it is “somewhere in between”. However, the truth is that a few days ago she was the one who set off all the alarms when, having just arrived from a romantic cruise through Norway and Denmark, where they were accompanied by the former Miss’s son, Elías, and some friends, declared: “We got married on the boat”. They said it had been a symbolic wedding to seal their love, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Without a ring in his hands and eager to laugh at the show that Carlos Latre was recording at the Teatro Nuevo Alcalá for Movistar Plus+, Álvaro clarified everything and boasted about the fantastic vacations he enjoyed with his girl: “It has been very fun, impressive, I recommend it. I had never gone on cruises on large ships, but it has been spectacular. I have been amazed by the fjords. I didn’t sleep, at three thirty in the morning I opened the window and the sun was already out, it seemed like eleven in the morning, and sailing through the fjords was spectacular.” It was then that a journalist tried to pull his leg saying “and on top of that, ship captains marry…” when he said: “They get married, yes. But you don’t realize, there hasn’t been a wedding or anything.”

However, he clarified: “María José and I adore each other, we love each other very much, she is one of the people I could love the most in the world, I admire her, I love her, I respect her, she is wonderful and a very good mother, I adore Elías too. And she is a super special woman. “We get along very well.” But that being said, he has stressed to stop rumors or speculation that her intention is not to say “yes, I do”: “I’m not old enough to get married anymore,” It is finished.