Álvaro González and his other brawls: He told Messi ‘dwarf’

The duel between Olympique de Marseille and PSG ended in an embarrassing way due to the fight between several players with pushes, kicks and some punches.

The pitched battle ended with five players sent off: Paredes, Neymar and Kurzawa by PSG and Benedetto and Amavi from Olympique.

Two of the main protagonists of the altercation were Neymar, Álvaro and Di María. The Brazilian gave the Spanish defender a slap, whom he repeatedly accused of being a racist.

Di María even spit on the defender, who years ago also had his pluses and minuses with Leo Messi, whom he called a dwarf.

In 2016, during a derby between FC Barcelona and Espanyol, Álvaro González had a pique with the Argentine star. The defender elbowed the '10' which left him lying near the area.

Messi approached his adversary and spat onto the grass, near the Spaniard's boots.

This started the discussion between the two: “You gave me, look where you gave me,” Messi recriminated. “What do you want, that I let you pass?” Gonzalez replied then, attacking: “You are very short.” “And you are very bad,” said the azulgrana.

“The cameras take it all out. He tells me not to spit on me. I'm honest, I'm going to try to crash him so that he doesn't go to goal and they score us another goal. I try to do my best so that he doesn't get over me. I told him he was short and he told me that he was very bad. We were both right and there is nothing more to say. He laughs, I laugh and they are things that have to stay there, ”Álvaro explained after the game.

Later, in an interview on RMC, the defender summed up everything that happened. “I remember there were three very intense matches in a row. I went with everything, I called him a dwarf and then he humiliated me, “he said.