Alsina breaks another record in Onda Cero’s best moment since 2015 and Àngels Barceló extends her lead over Herrera

Carlos Alsina is one of the big winners of the radio season. The Onda Cero announcer closes the course with his ssecond consecutive record in More than one. The space gathers 1,593,000 listeners, according to the data from the second wave of the year of the EGM, which represents an increase of 34,000 compared to the month of April. Its jump is much more significant if we analyze its growth in the last year, with 256,000 new listeners (19% more).

This good data from Alsina allows Onda Cero enjoys its best moment in almost 10 years. Atresmedia radio achieves 2,164,000 listenersits highest figure since 2015. In addition, it is its third consecutive EGM above the two million barrier. In the year-on-year, the station has grown by 342,000 listeners.

In general terms, SER continues to dominate Spanish radiocon 4,284,000 listenersalthough it experienced a very slight drop (9,000 less). Cope continues in second position in the ranking, with 3,653,000 followersso that it increases by 168,000 followers, the largest increase compared to the last EGM. National Radiofor its part, does not stop its bleeding and falls to 847,000 listeners (108,000 less).

Àngels Barceló increases its advantage over Herrera

Morning leadership remains in the hands of Ángeles Barcelonawhich also extends his lead over Carlos Herrera. Day by day (Cadena SER) reaches 3,110,000 listeners (up 44,000 compared to April), which allows it to reach almost half a million more (455,000) than Carlos Herrera, who suffers a slight fall in Cope (2,665,000 listeners, 16,000 less than the previous EGM). Curiously, Barceló rises in an EGM in which SER falls and Herrera falls when Cope experiences a significant improvement, as we have explained.

There are no surprises at Radio Nacional. The public broadcaster’s global problems are also reflected in Iñigo Alfonso’s morning magazine. RNE’s morning shows are content with 613,000 listeners, its worst figure in the last year (162,000 less than in the summer of 2023).