Almudena Cid and Gerardo Berodia They have been together for several months, at least since last summer, when they were both photographed leaving her house together on two consecutive days and he was wearing the same clothes. Later it was learned that they even spent a few days together in Galicia. But the ex of Christian Galvez She always denied that she was in a relationship with him.

It no longer matters not to tell the truth in front of the cameras. It seems that Gerardo did not want their relationship to be made public. The 42-year-old gymnast, the same age as her ex, does not care because she has been separated from Christian Gálvez (Patricia Pardo’s boyfriend) for almost a year, but he is very tense and has tried to be super discreet, because When he met Almudena, he had just gotten divorced and, apparently, his relationship with his ex-wife is not easy.

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“With the first photos that appeared in the press, he was afraid because Gerardo did not want anything to be known about his story. He is afraid that his ex will take it badly and have repercussions in the relationship with his son. That is why Almudena said that they are just friends. But the truth is that they have been together for months and it seems that the story is serious”, a person very close to the footballer points out to us.

The Chiringuito de Jugones

So much so that she already knows his family and even “goes to the meetings they prepare as a family. She is very sweet and polite,” they tell us. “Everyone is delighted with her.”

Gerardo, who is on television because he intervenes in The Chiringuito de Jugones, He came into Almudena’s life at a decisive moment for the athlete. Christian left her at the end of 2021 to start a serious relationship with the presenter Patricia Pardo (39) and the gymnast was devastated. His separation from her took him by surprise. She would never have expected it and that made her very sad. Only work, her friends and her family made her move forward little by little. Among those friends who were supporting her was Gerardo, who surprisingly for both of them began to become something more. “He was in a similar process and they helped each other,” they tell us. But public projection and seeing himself in magazines is not something he likes very much, at least that’s what those around him say. “He has a very quiet life and he doesn’t like photos. But what worries him the most is the agreement with his ex-wife and the stability of his son. That’s why he doesn’t like talking about him “.

Former Real Madrid footballer

Gerardo is a former soccer player. He came to play in the lower categories of Real Madrid, but a serious injury cut short his career. He is now a soccer player representative at the Spanish agency Promoesport, which advises players like Carlos Soler, Nabil Fekir or Marc Roca. In addition, he is also publicly known because, as we mentioned, from time to time he attends The Chiringuito de Jugones.