The UD Almeria has achieved this Sunday in the field of Ibiza his sixth consecutive victory, equaling that achieved by the UDA of José Gomes, and thanks to a penalty converted by the Portuguese Dyego Sousa about the end of the first half.

Those of Ruby They have not had it easy to get ahead of the scoreboard and reduce the solvency of a Ibiza that he has not taken advantage of any of the opportunities he has created.

The Balearic squad did not make it easy for the Andalusian team, which had to retreat during the second half, in the face of harassment from the locals in the incessant search for a draw.

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During the first half, the pressure of the Almeria team was constant in the rival area, but the celestial defense managed to abort each attack attempt by the rojiblancos.

The almerienses needed a penalty so that Dyego Sousa could fit the ball into Germán’s goal. An arm of Javi Lara, supervised by WHERE, made the referee whistle the maximum penalty thrown from 11 meters that the local goal could not stop.

Those of Carcedo They showed in the first part a compact game, skills in verticality, speed and effectiveness when collecting, to do what the Riojan coach always claims: to be a block.

For its part, the speed of the Indálica squad to recover the ball and cut off attempts to leave from behind the Ibiza, They offered an open meeting and a show worthy of the two teams that are fitter in the silver category.

At times, even, the newly promoted to LaLiga SmartBank it exhibited superior dominance to the red-and-white squad, despite being the leader in the table.

However, the balance tipped in favor of the Almeria in the 45th minute when the ball hit the arm of Javi lara within the area of Parreño, and the referee decided the penalty in favor of the rojiblancos.

Already in the second half, the changes made by the Riojan coach had the desired effect, with faster plays, although with an obvious lack of success despite the numerous arrivals to the opposite area.

Little effect had changes in Ruby, who did not manage to add any more, although the Almería achieved a new triumph, reaffirming their leadership in the category.


0 – Ibiza: Germán, Grima (Vázquez, min.84), Goldar, Rubén, Morillas, Manu Molina, Javi Pérez (Villar, min.67), Cifuentes (Davo, min.67), Ekain (Appin, min.59), Javi Lara , Castel (Herrera, min.59).

1 – Almeria: Fernando, Pozo (Nieto, min.84), Chumi, Babic, Centelles, César de la Hoz, Samú Costa, Portillo (Juan Villar, min.81), Curro (Arnau, min.73), Lazo (Appiah, min. 73) and Dyego Sousa (Martos, min.81).

0-1: m.45: Dyego Sousa, from penalty.

Referee: Prieto Iglesias (Navarre Committee), who sanctioned locals Javi Lara (min.45) and Manu Molina (min.57) and visitors Dyego Sousa (min.21), Babic (min.55) and Curro (min.61) )

Incidents: Match of the sixteenth day of LaLiga SmartBank played at the Can Misses stadium before 4,937 spectators.

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