Almería needed a pair of center-backs who lived up to the expectations of their project and they have found them in Maras and Cuenca, who complement each other perfectly. The loan from the Madrilenian has been of the most interesting movements that the Indálica entity has made in recent years. After Villarreal paid 2.5 million euros (plus four in variables) to Barcelona, ​​Almería obtained the loan of Cuenca, with a contract with the yellow club until 2025, the only one of the 18 transferred in two courses with Al-Sheikh without option to purchase. Given their performance, it is understood that the rojiblanca property made an exception in its policy of not training players so that later they go to their home clubs.


In the case of Maras, the UDA made the purchase option that it had on him in the last market, paying 1.3 kilos to Chaves so that it could pass from transferred to property. The Serbian, with a contract until 2024, has improved his benefits together with Cuenca, correcting the left-handed central defender the debts that his partner has. In the final stretch of last year, a nervous Maras was noticed with the ball at his feet; In this course, the Balkan is not limited to security passes, risking behind and also creating danger in the rival area along with Cuenca himself, author of the winning goal at the Vallecas Stadium in the discount.


On the negative side, their international commitments together with Serbia and the U21, which have meant that they have already missed two games with the Almeria team for this reason, despite the fact that Tumbakovic is not giving Maras minutes. As a replacement for guarantees is Chumi, with a two-year contract, while Peybernes (also until 2022) is the fourth center after not taking the opportunity he was asking for.

Last year Owona and Juan Ibiza began acting – granted at Sabadell – but their injuries caused numerous changes in the axis of the rear. Maras took over a position, then entering Martos and in January Costas in the left-handed profile of the rear axis, consequently lowering the benefits of Maras. In the 18-19 season, Owona and Saveljich formed the most reliable center-back couple of recent times for Almería in Segunda, with Morcillo making Joaquín's work worse a year earlier, just as Trujillo did in 16-17. In 15-16, Ximo with the irregular Morcillo. The times of Trujillos and Fran Vélez are behind us.

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