Fernando. He returned to tenure without much work.

Buñuel. Naturally it does not reach the level of Balliu, although it goes to more. He did not commit any errors of bulk on the defensive plane and put the center of the action of the first penalty.

Chumi. He kept Sol and Bermejo at bay, without burning the ball in his feet. Gomes liked a clean ball exit, he drove when he could to split and break the first pressure line.

Basin. The only one who repeated in the rojiblanco eleven (Peybernes is sanctioned). He was the leader of the defense, even of the Almeria team despite his youth. He even carried out the work of organizer of Morlanes.

Centelles. One of the weakest in Almería. He tried to get up, although at times he was not well positioned and was late for space.

Of the sickle. He shines brightest when he acts as an interior in a 1-4-3-3. With Petrovic as a dance partner, the Cantabrian was in charge of organizing the Almeria game. It did not reach the level of Morlanes.

Petrovic. He is at his best since he saw the red and white. At the end of the first half he tried the goal with a distant shot, giving the assist – another one – in the action of the second goal.

Villar. He participated in the development of the game, although he does not finish breaking the door. He tried on the right side and inside, but it was not his day. He had his pluses and minuses with Sadiq in the launch of the second goal, without going to congratulate the Nigerian on his goal.

Robertone. Wilson made him the first penalty, also daring to launch a direct free kick. He must give more if he wants continuity in the Almeria team.

Tie. He has received many criticisms (some fair and some unfair), losing his place in the eleven after the injury. He returned to the title a month later and was one of the most prominent rojiblancos, a headache for the chicharrera defense, both after starting on the right or on the left. He made his first goal of the season from eleven meters.

Ramazani. In his last start, Gomes left him in the dugout at rest. Today it was replaced again in the first carousel of changes. Neither on the right nor on the left nor on the tip it generated.

Corpas. Having seen his presence in the eleven, it seems key.

Sadiq. Of his best meetings of the course despite coming off the bench. He likes to play with a lot of space for the rival defense, taking advantage of his stride. He scored his third goal of the season on a penalty committed on himself. Later he was about to be an assistant in a personal move of his that Villalba did not take advantage of.

Villalba. What he brings is valued more with him outside than when he is in the green.

Maras. Gomes gave him rest, reinforcing the defense in the last quarter of an hour.

Morlanes. He cooled the spinal cord to hold the ball and for his team to defend themselves from possession.

Gomes. It continued with its policy of rotations, making up to ten changes with respect to the eleven that won in Albacete. The bet paid off. In the second half he took out the heavyweights to take advantage of Tenerife's wear and tear. He ended up with five defenders, something that is also usually common. He has been undefeated for nine games: 23 of the last 27 points.