The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has assured that Atlético de Madrid, a team of which he is a renowned fan, “has competed as the fans demanded” in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid in despite its elimination, despite the fact that there have been “debatable arbitration decisions”.

“I think that Atleti has competed as the fans demanded; they did it at the Bernabéu. It is true that there were debatable refereeing decisions. They competed the other day in Pamplona too, and that is what I focus on,” he said before the Gala of the Annual Awards of the Sports Press Association of Madrid (APDM), held this Monday at the Beatriz Madrid Auditorium in the Spanish capital.

However, he did not want to assess the statements of the CEO of the rojiblanco club, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín. “As mayor? Sportsmanship and ‘fair play’ must prevail above all else. As a fan? When I’m not mayor,” he said.

In another order of things, Almeida praised that the APDM “recognizes” Madrid for the World Capital of Sports in the year 2022. “It has been a success in the organization of national and international events, but above all in what is most important for us, which is the promotion of grassroots sport and that we can all do sports regardless of the conditions we may have,” he said.

“This continues. In addition to our marathon, our San Silvestre, our Mutua Madrid Tennis Open, we can announce that we are going to bring here the ice hockey World Cup, the European triathlon, the European badminton test… Sports that They will allow us to promote the practice of sport and the city of Madrid”, he concluded.