Almeida and Teresa Urquijo give clues about their desire to expand the family at the wedding of Verónica Urquijo and Roberto Truque

The wedding of the 49-year-old mayor of Madrid became an event attended even by Juan Carlos I, who went to the church, and Queen Sofia, who was present at the banquet. The emeritus were accompanied by the princesses Elena and Cristina because the mayor’s wife, who is 27 years old, is related to the Bourbon family, which is why there were so many people waiting for their marriage. After months we have not found the mayor of the capital at another wedding and we have asked him about when to start a family. He has told us that he is not in a hurry, but that both he and Teresa Urquijo want to bring a baby into the world, so it is a matter of time. “I would like to be sooner or later, but I would like to be a father and she a mother,” he commented. “My fundamental right is to educate my children according to my convictions as a father and Teresa as a mother,” he repeated during the event he attended this Saturday, a new wedding in the Urquijo family: the mayor’s cousin, Veronica Urquijo, con Roberto Trick.

After years of dating, Verónica and Roberto consolidated and sealed their love in Hinojosa de la Sierra, Soria. The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady was the setting chosen by the bride and groom to swear eternal love and, as expected, many well-known faces attended the wedding. Among all of them, we only saw Tamara Falcó’s sister, Xandra Falcon and the already mentioned José Luis Martínez-Almeida with his wife, Teresa Urquijo, who did not want to miss this great moment for the whole family.

Teresa has a very close relationship with her cousin Verónica. Once the mass was over, all the guests and the now ‘husband and wife’ headed to the Señorío de Hinojosa de la Sierra estate, where they will celebrate their love in style in the company of their loved ones.

Without a doubt, and with permission from her girlfriend, this Saturday the ‘First Lady’ of Madrid was another of the great protagonists. Hand in hand with her husband, she was joined by guests Carlos Sainz, Jaime de Marichalar and Xandra Falcó, Tamara’s older sister, among others. Teresa Urquijo chose a look composed of a flowing sky blue dress with a colourful floral print, made up of a high necked top and slightly puffed long sleeves, and a vaporous skirt below the knee. She combined it with high mauve sandals and a raw-coloured handbag. In one of her hands she also carried a purple knitted shawl in case, when the sun went down, the temperatures dropped. As for her hair and make-up, Almeida’s wife opted this time for a tight bun at mid-height and soft make-up.