José Maria Callejón will continue playing in Naples at least until next August 31. The Spaniard ends his contract on June 30 and, for weeks, his agent Manuel García Quilón could not find an agreement with Naples for the two months that will close this season.

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The former Madrid player rejected several LaLiga offers and has nothing closed for SeptemberSo, like other players in his situation, he sought to negotiate with the club favorable conditions for both parties.

Days passed, the matter was not settled and June 30 was getting closer, so Callejón decided to take a step to close the issue. This Thursday he informed the club that he did not want to leave and that he is willing, to finish the course, not to charge anything in July and August, no salaries or awards.

The only thing the Madrilenian asked for is to add insurance that would be activated in case of injuries: With 33 years and no contract, it was the minimum to be able to play without worries.

Coach Gattuso and sports director Giuntoli praised his decision and in less than a day the blanca white smoke ’has arrived:‘Calleti ’will sign with the southerners until August 31 and will play the last 11 days of the league and what remains of the Champions League. What happens next will depend on him and how he will behave in the field, as he always wanted. The priority was to avoid a sad and unexpected goodbye after seven years together and Alley did everything he could. He has succeeded: the signatures will arrive soon.