Corinna Larsen advances each week in another part of its history with the emeritus king. In the new episode, the German talks about the times she supposedly Don Juan Carlos He proposed to her and explains the reason why she refused to marry him.

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The businesswoman says the king was nervous and his voice trembled: “He took me to one of the rooms and, basically, he told me that he loved me, that he wanted to marry me and that he wanted to live with me forever. So, he asked me to marry him. Again! Another marriage proposal.”

“No,” she replies. “I realized that a Catholic king could never get divorced.” the husband of doña sofia he is surprised and asks: “No?” So the father of Philip VI he decided to tempt her with the promise that if she married him it would be “his royal highness, the princess of Bourbon”, according to his account. “It was all a fantasy, I didn’t take it seriously, I took it as a man who was pretty desperate,” she explains.

“You have hundreds of people around you trying to convince you that this would be the best decision you could make, because you’re rotten, and look at all this media talking about you. He was surrounded by people who clearly wanted to make him happy and he did. they encouraged you to go ahead with this crazy plan. And you would have to, simply because you must please the King. That’s when you realize that, to everyone, you are just a commoner who only has to do what you are told. A I was not raised or educated like that,” says Corinna.