stunned. This is how we stayed after finding out about the supposed romance that Ana Mena y Abraham Mateo they live in total discretion. It seems that the connection between the two artists goes beyond a professional relationship and sharing the same dream of dedicating themselves to music.

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At least that’s how they assure it from socialitewhere they have revealed that this week during the Cadena Dial awards in the Canary Islands, the interpreters of I want to tell you they “kissed” in full view of all present.

“We have to go back to Friday morning at 4:42 a.m., when some people saw that Ana Mena and Abraham Mateo kissed, without hiding much, after performing in Tenerife,” they explain from the Telecinco program.

“They sang together and then during the celebration they arrived later. They were together all the time in full view of everyone, until they moved to a corner and gave free rein to their love with kisses. Without cutting themselves,” a witness tells the format that presents Maria Patiño. “Then they went outside and sat on some stairs. They didn’t care if it was raining, they seemed in love,” she added.

This bomb came out shortly after the artist talked about her friendship with the singer on the Jesús Calleja program. “He has always been my friend. I remember that in the first contest in which I entered he was there, the first time we got on stage, it was together, it was incredible. I throw my head back and many times we talk about it and he I say: ‘You are aware of all the things we have experienced.’ We were inseparable,” said Ana Mena about Abraham Mateo in Planet Calleja.