The Algerian coach took an exorcist to the stadium in the run-up to the match to make the spell disappear

The selection of Algeria

The selection of Algeria

Never seen. This Tuesday, Algeria and Burkina Faso faced each other in a key match in the Africa qualifiers on the way to the Qatar World Cup in 2022. Beyond the result (2-2), the most talked about was what happened in the previous one, since Mustapha Tchaker, Algerian coach, accused Burkina Faso of black magic and brought in an exorcist to remove the spell.

The game was fundamental. In the African competition, only one from each group passes to the third elimination round and Algeria was leading two points above Burkina Faso, and it seems that everything had to be resorted to to carry out the meeting. However, the exorcist should have done his job well, because despite the goal that gave Burkina Faso hope in 86 ‘to get the comeback, it did not come, and the tie qualified the Algerians.

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