Alfonso Díez and his ‘special’ friendship with Isabel Preysler: “He considers her a captivating woman”

All almost eight years after the death of Mrs. Cayetana and less than four months after the queen of hearts announced her break with Mario Vargas Llosa (87), Alfonso Diez e Isabella Preysler They have been related after sharing, a few weeks ago, a dinner with the businessman Thomas Terry y nuria gonzalezbusinessman’s wife Fernando Fernandez Tapias.

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Alfonso himself has already denied the rumors and described the information as “nonsense.” Thus, judging by the words of the widower of the Duchess of Alba, between them there would only be a beautiful friendship that has been forged over the years.

However, its environment goes further. “Sources very close to the widower of the Duchess De Alba affirm that Alfonso is full of compliments towards Isabel. He considers her a captivating, elegant woman and with whom you can start conversations on various topics,” says Saúl Ortiz this Tuesday in 20 minutes. The deputy director of Fiesta he adds: “Let’s fallow this budding love and time will pass sentence”.

Tamara Falcó’s mother announced her break with the Nobel Prize for Literature in December, specifically on All Innocents’ Day. After almost eight years of relationship and, according to her, as a result of the unfounded jealousy of the author of The city and the Dogs, cut off the courtship. The Peruvian intellectual, for his part, has reconciled with the mother of his children, his cousin Patricia Llosa.

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Alfonso Díez, for his part, has not rebuilt his life since he was widowed in November 2014. It is true that four years after the death of the Duchess of Alba, it was published that the antique dealer could have known “a new illusion”, but the rumor was never confirmed.