Alexia Rivas goes from ‘Merlos Place’ to the Basque PP: who is the cannon politician who will not be able to vote

The Mediaset collaborator alexia rivas She does not give up in her intense search for happiness and has taken advantage of this bridge to escape to Navacerrada accompanied by an almost unknown Basque politician, very attractive, her same age and with a lot of projection for the future; Mikel Lezamaof the People’s Party.

But who is that man? Well, nothing less than a handsome and young man of 29 years, who is the Secretary of the Popular Party of Guipuzkoa, councilor of the Donosti City Council, athlete and with great political projection for the future: Mikel Lezama Zubeldia, a politician that Alexia will not be able to vote for in the next elections, because she does not live in the capital of San Sebastian.

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Lezama is a stranger whom many people already know. he is friend of Maria Pomboand the husband of Barbara Goenaga, Borja Semperwho was his political godfather and promoted him to the positions he now occupies from Nuevas Generaciones.

Before becoming a politician, he has been closely linked to the world of sport, as it appears in his profile of the Gipuzkoan capital city council and his Linkedin. He has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University (UCAM), has an ASEP (American Sports Education Program) degree and was a national youth coach at The ASEP CoachingPrinciplesCourse in the USA.

He has been a skier and soccer player at Antiguoko and Murcia B, a rugby player at Bera Bera, and a physical trainer for those teams and at the Formigal Esqui Club and the CETDI Aragón training center. He from sports, to politics, and from there to fame in the media due to his friendship with the Telecinco presenter.

Lovingly hugging Alexia

The journalist and the politician took advantage of the Constitution Bridge to be seen alone and together for a walk through the town of Sierra de Madrid. Warm and accomplices, they walked, shopped, enjoyed the gastronomy of the place and stayed at the Box Art Alpino gourmet Hotel, where rooms cost from 175 euros a night and up.

They seemed comfortable together and Mikel was very affectionate with Alexia, whom he hugged gently and gave his full attention during the walk and shopping. According to the magazine Ten minutesthe environment of both confirms that they have been friends since last October and only the future will indicate if this weekend in the mountains becomes something more.

Lezama’s sentimental past is unknown, since his social networks do not delve into details about his private life. However, the sentimental life of Alexia Rivas is more than well known and hectic.

As will be remembered, she was the protagonist of “Merlos Place”, when she fell in love with the journalist in full confinement Alfonso Merlosthen boyfriend of the former big sister martha lopezand appeared in her underwear in front of the camera during a video intervention by the commentator on a television program.

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She was also related to the ex-husband of Anabel Pantoja, omar sanchez and last October everything pointed to the fact that he was in a relationship with the ex of Lara Alvarezbusinessman Roman Monasterywith which she herself assured that she had stopped seeing each other this November.

We are in December and there is a new illusion in Alexia’s life, which can offer her as much projection for the future as the young politician has. Although she has only shown her weekend outfit on her networks, time will tell us how this new relationship that has emerged from the cold of the mountains ends.