Alejandro Rubio, blunt, with the motherhood of his daughter Alejandra and the performance of Terelu Campos

The ‘Campos’ and the press, the press and the ‘Campos’. This is how we have been since Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy came to light, the result of her relationship with Charles Costanzathe son of Mar Flores with whom he has been dating for just five months. Furthermore, Alejandra herself has been giving multiple explanations about the news that will change her life forever. She has also done so Terelu Camposwho since returning to Telecinco, has not stopped speaking out on this issue that has brought so much ‘happiness’ to the family. Meanwhile, Alejandra’s father made a drastic decision that will mark his daughter’s pregnancy.

Accustomed to staying out of the media noise, Alejandro Rubio He had not yet commented on the maternity of his daughter. However, Terelu’s ex-husband broke his silence to comment, among other things, that he did not remember “how they told him the news.”

“My daughter looks fine. It is what it is, right? What can we do about it?”Rubio assured. “To me I think he’s a little youngI’ve already told her, but well, if she’s happy, for me that’s the most important thing. He is of his age and already has the capacity to make his own decisions.If you have made this decision it is because you have thought about it a lot and They have made the most convenient decision, but in time we will give it time.he concluded. Words that suggest he was not exactly happy about the whole affair.

Furthermore, when the media bomb exploded, Alejandra herself went to Así es la vida, a magazine she collaborates with, to comment on how her parents had taken the news of being grandparents. In this sense, the television personality stated that her father had become quite “nervous”: “It was different. It was the reaction of a father to his daughter. He got nervous. It’s normal, because I’m his daughter and, suddenly, everything was out of place for him. But now he’s super happy.”

The truth is that Terelu and Alejandro are experiencing the news in different ways. Something that would be causing a great distance in their relationship. While he stays out of the way, she takes advantage of her daughter’s pregnancy with her visits to television programs. This was confirmed by Laura Fa in Espejo Público: “He doesn’t agree with how she (Terelu Campos) is monetizing Alejandra’s pregnancy”According to the journalist, Alejandro and Terelu would be in one of the “most delicate” moments of their relationship: “They are more distant than ever”he assured.