Laia Aleixandri (20 years old, Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona) is postulated as one of the protagonists of this Classic. Former Barça, where he trained since he was 11 years old, the defense will try to stop the offensive power of the Catalans in the duel of the second semifinal of the women's Spanish Super Cup.

How are you after the odyssey to travel to Almería?

Phew. The truth is that the weather conditions have made it very difficult for us to be a more or less comfortable trip. The important thing is that we are here. Although it has been a very hard and tiring journey.

How have you received the news of Sánchez Vera's return to the Atleti bench?

The truth is that he is a coach we already know, from the house and with whom we won the third consecutive league title. Whenever there is a big change like this, it must be faced with the utmost enthusiasm. We are going to give our best so that he can also give our best.

It's being a very strange season (injuries, COVID-19, season … Right?

We have had many conditions during this last season and we continue to have them, such as Vir's disease or long-term injuries. Besides, there is also the pandemic, which makes this a very strange season for us. In the end they are conditioning factors that must be faced.

How is the team emotionally after the stumble against Rayo Vallecano?

The truth is that the players are 100% committed to the club and to the club's goals. We have not achieved the results we wanted and we are also aware of this. So now the change of coach presents us with a new air, with the same goals in mind. And, I'm sure that with work and humility we are going to get them out.

The odyssey to travel has affected his rival in the Super Cup in the same way. At least they have no inequality in that …

I don't know the journey that Barça had to make to get to Almería, but I think it is something to take into account. I speak for my team. Because in the end the players have not rested completely and it is a journey that has been very heavy and long. But, well, as I said, we are here to rest and think only about tomorrow's game.

How did you live last weekend without being able to train because of the snowfall?

In the end they are things that you cannot control. The snowfall has prevented us from preparing the game as we would have liked, but we are on time and with clear ideas. We know that we are going to face one of the best teams in Europe such as Barça, but we are Atlético and we are going to win to the death.

The delay in the trip allowed Ludmila to be part of the expedition after testing negative. A relief for all, right?

It has certainly been one of the great news. Ludmila is very important to this team and it is a joy that tomorrow she can enjoy this match with us.

It is not the first Clásico that you play, does the frequency of these games make them less special even though for you it is also facing your former team?

For me it will always be special to play against Barça. It has been my home. I have grown up there and I have wonderful memories of the club and everything I have experienced there. I kept all the good stuff and for me, apart from being a game of such magnitude, it will always be special.

What do you expect from Barça?

I am waiting for a rival with a lot of capacity for association. Also with a lot of danger at the top and very solid behind. It is a very complete team and we are going to prepare a match plan in which Barça cannot implement their game. That's the idea.

Do you feel some envy of the unstoppable level shown by Barça?

I admire Barça. They have had a process because that is not achieved out of nowhere. I remember the last three competitions. The last one they won, but the other previous ones had not quite started. They are team dynamics, of players who get together well.

Do you see the League as something impossible?

I don't think it's impossible because this club and the players who are here are together for one goal. Atlético in recent seasons has always been at the top and that's how it has to be. It is the winning mentality that we have. We have to continue facing match by match and get the best of ourselves to achieve goals.

There is also the thorn of having been eliminated by Barça in the semifinals of the last Super Cup, right?

The same scenario occurred and in the end it is not to remove the thorn, it is that we want to play the final of the Super Cup.

How are you living on a personal level this season?

They are being strange seasons, but personally I feel very good, with confidence to bring my best to the team.

Is there any promise from the team if they beat Barça in this Super Cup?

We do have one pending. I don't know if he's going to kill me when I say so, but the team captain says that she's going to release a new look if we get to that final.