The Murcian tennis player Carlos Alcaraz went through the microphones of El Larguero to take stock of his great season 2021 In which he has established himself in the Top-50 of world tennis in addition to defeating great figures of the tennis elite and obtaining titles such as the recent NextGen ATP Finals.

Alcaraz was asked about the curious anecdote of the siesta prior to his debut in the tournament. “Yes, I was caught at the gym. But I try to take a nap before the games at every tournament. There have been days when I have slept three and a half hours. I am very happy to be able to finish the year winning the NextGen ATP Finals and more playing at the level that I have done. I really enjoyed the tournament. “

The young Murcian tennis player was also very satisfied with what he achieved throughout this season. “I am above the level I expected. I did not think it would be 32nd in the world or beat three Top-10s. I did not expect to rise so fast in the ranking. I was considering being in the Top-50 and I already saw it complicated. I’m very happy with the year I’ve done. “

However, Alcaraz believes that he can still improve in some aspects of his performance, with a special emphasis on what happens off the track. “I think I would have to improve off the track. On the track we are four hours a day and off the track we also have to take care of all the details to the millimeter and there I have to improve a lot: rest well, eat well, be more organized … It is something that our parents have stressed to us and it is even more important for an athlete. You have to put gasoline in your body and then give it up. “

The tennis player also had to face the question about the comparison that they make with Rafa Nadal and he was resounding. “I don’t like being compared to Nadal, but if they compare me to him, it’s that I’m doing something right. I don’t like it because Rafa there is only one and there will only be one. I want to be Carlos Alcaraz and that people look at me as Carlos Alcaraz . People are beginning to know me and I am making myself known. I’m noticing it a little bit. It is not of great magnitude but they are getting to know me. In Murcia they stop me more but in the rest of the places they get to know me a little bit “.

Alcaraz also stated that Juan Carlos Ferrero, his coach, has never had to tell him to keep his feet on the ground, since he considers himself a simple and humble guy. “To tell you the truth, he has never told me to keep my feet on the ground. Sometimes as advice but I am clear about the path I want to take. SI am a very simple boy, I am a village boy, my family has had it very clear and yesI will continue to be the same old boy: humble and simple. I prefer a night with my friends in town than a night of great magnitude. I am clear about the path I want to take “.

“My big dream is to be number one in the world”

The Davis Cup now looms on Carlos Alcaraz’s horizon, where the Murcian hopes to be able to play a singles match although he will adapt to what Sergi Bruguera requires. “Now they have a few days off before a super important tournament such as the Davis Cup. At the moment they have not told me if I will play a singles match. It depends on the training sessions, on the players. Whoever plays is going to measure up. There are Bautista and Carreño, who are great players, but I’m going to enjoy being there. We’ll see what the captain decides. I am delighted if I can play singles. Living such an experience will be very beautiful and very good for me. Would be wonderful. It depends on the captain, but I am ready for anything. “

Alcaraz also spoke of Spain’s qualification for the Qatar World Cup after witnessing the victory against Sweden at La Cartuja and praised Gavi’s great performance. “It was a very good game. We played a lot with a lot of pressure. It was not easy but Spain did the job. Gavi, 17, has a brutal talent. On several occasions I heard the crowd yelling ‘Gavi, Gavi’, and it’s amazing how he managed the emotions. I wanted to go see the game. I’m not very fond of it, but I like to watch it. I’m from Madrid and I like to watch Madrid games. And I also like to see Spain always. “

Finally Alcaraz submitted to several quick questions in which he revealed that his great dream is to be number one in the world. “My childhood idol is Rafa Nadal. My favorite shot is the forehand. My favorite tournament is the Mutua Madrid Open. The most important people in my life, my entire family. My hobby is playing golf. And my dream to fulfill is to be number one in the world. I would be more excited than winning a Grand Slam. I want to think that I can achieve the 20 Grand Slam, but I think it will be almost impossible. I’m not saying impossible because maybe someone like these three beasts may appear, but it is almost impossible. But let’s try. “