Smiling and fresh, Carlos Alcaraz appeared in the press room of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell to face his first press appearance after defeating, with more suffering than expected, the Korean Soon Woo Kwon. (1-6, 6- 2 and 2-6). The Murcian will face Munar from the Balearic Islands in the next round, with whom he has already faced twice. That will be this Thursday.

Victory in Barcelona. “I am very happy to add my first victory in the Godó. It is a special tournament, I have followed it since I was little and I feel lucky. I have good memories, I came since I was 12 years old, I won tournaments. I have played Spanish championships and I have great friends To have my first victory is special for me.”

Change from hard track to dirt. “Ferrero was right, the change is complicated, you have to add hours on the track, move, be clear about how to play. But I’m at a point where I feel more comfortable on the ground, I’m clear about how to play and be at my level”.

Suffering before Kwon. “It’s a tennis match and anything can happen. I started very well, my rival didn’t see the goal, he began to play looser, to dominate the game. I had doubts. I didn’t know how to react, it was difficult for me to get into the game when I he broke. I was able to reset everything and start a new set.”

What did Ferrero tell you? “He told me to play what I had to play, we knew there would be a lot of people and that he would have high expectations, but I shouldn’t pay attention to him.”

Party before Munar. “We know each other quite well, we played twice on clay and we go one by one. It will be difficult, he is playing very well and on clay it is very tough. I approach it in a way that will be a great battle. I will try to take what I did well in Rio and beat him tomorrow.”

Created expectations. “When I lost the second set like that, it didn’t cross my mind that I have to win or I’m obligated, but to reset and play at the level of the first set. Little by little I’m getting good feelings.”

Wimbledon decision with Russia and Belarus. “It is a difficult moment and hopefully it will be solved soon.”