Last weekend the Alzira and Atzeneta faced each other in the Third Division semifinals, with victory for the seconds by a goal to three. Thanks to their comeback, with goals from Chico, Paco Sáez and Moscardó they managed to qualify for the final for promotion, which they will play against Alcoyano. They will ask what relation the previous lines have with David Albelda and, even, it is possible that none of the mentioned clubs is familiar to them. Not everyone starts out as Zidane or Raul or soon they get big like Ruben Deck of cards or Sergio Gonzalez.

Atzeneta is trained by David Albelda, who chose to start his journey on the bench in a Third Division team. A humble club, in addition, which rose in 2017-18 and finished sixth in 2018-19. It is surprising that a footballer of such depth, international with Spain, starts from so low and is not linked to the lower categories of any renowned entity. But it was the bet of the former Valencia and time has proved him right.

This season He has classified his men for the Playoff in a creditable third place, above ambitious projects such as Intercity. In addition, the victory against Alzira is one more reason. The seconds started as favorites, with the tie factor in favor and, to top it all off, they went ahead on the scoreboard. Albelda knew how to make her people aware that there was nothing lost and was one of the architects of the comeback. This Saturday, Alcoyano, considered one of the best teams in the category, will be an even bigger challenge.

Renovation deserved

Whatever happens in the Playoff“specified the Atzeneta. On May 21, the Valencian club made the continuity of David Albelda and his entire coaching staff official one more season. Once again, surprising, given his great first season on a professional bench, it is not surprising that some other club has knocked on his door to offer him a position in a higher category. However, for the moment the idea of ​​the former midfielder is to grow together with his current team and gain enough experience to take over a high bench with total deservedness.

Albelda is happy and combines her work as a technician with being a commentator on Cadena Cope. Precisely there he spoke of the state of his squad in the days before playing the most important game of their lives: “We have nothing to lose, we are looking forward and, whatever happens, we will be satisfied with the season that has been done. Of course, we have 90 minutes to leave everything there and leave with a clear conscience. “

In addition, he talks about his experience as if it were a First Division team: “Football, whatever category you are and wherever you are, all are challenges. And the bigger the challenge, the more you enjoy. I am very satisfied with the experience. We started very badly and we will end very well. It's a comforting thing. “Everything, despite the limitations of non-professional football:” You don't have the elite infrastructure and that makes you more involved in the club. It is not a question of money, but of doing a good job. “

His message, along the same lines as his speech, forgets his past as an elite footballer. Rather, he is one more coach, like the hundreds in the Third Division: “It is about giving normality to football. No need to invent anything new or have coach attacks. My message is easy, that you enjoy, that nobody has given you anything, that you have confidence. There is nothing to lose and much to gain. “

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David Albelda nou coach of l’Atzeneta UE Ja tenim coach. David Albelda Aliques (September 1, 1977, La Pobla Llarga) is the nou tècnic taronja for the 2019/20 season. This will be the first adventure of David Albelda to a bench of National category. Despite not complying with the technical experience, he is a great fan of Valencia football, but he was also one of the most successful Valencian players in history. In his record as a player, he had 2 league titles, a Copa del Rey, a Supercopa d'Espanya, a UEFA Cup and a Supercopa d'Europa advised by Valencia CF, and a silver medal for an Olympic team with the He selected Espanyola l'any 2000, in which he will also play in a European Championship and two World Cups. David Albelda, retired from football for the 2012/13 season, has made his choice for a season 2019/20. The board trusts tots els coneixements about our soccer. Agraeix trusts and hopes and wishes it to continue a successful relationship. Benvingut to Atzeneta, Albelda. ___________________________________________ David Albelda new coach of Atzeneta UE We already have a coach. David Albelda Aliques (September 1, 1977, La Pobla Llarga) is the new Taronja coach for the 2019/20 season. This will be David Albelda's first adventure on a National category bench. Despite not having experience as a coach, he is a great expert in Valencian football, as well as one of the best Valencian players in history. In his record as a player there are 2 leagues, a Copa del Rey, a Spanish Super Cup, a UEFA Cup and a European Super Cup won with Valencia CF, and a silver medal in some Olympic games with the Spanish National Team in the 2000, with which he also played one Eurocup and two World Cups. David Albelda, retired from football in the 2012/13 season, has been chosen for this new 2019/20 project. The board of directors trusts all the knowledge it has about our football. You appreciate the trust and hope and you want it to be a successful relationship. Welcome to Atzeneta, Albelda.

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From initial doubts to an enviable environment

It is inevitable that the signature of a former soccer player is accompanied by comments that suggest that it is for marketing, fame, who is plugged in or who is a friend of the board for his time as a footballer. It is something that is part of the nature of part of the general love of soccer and that is accentuated even more when the results do not accompany. Atzeneta sealed their first five games with two draws and three defeats. His first victory came a month after the campaign started, against Recambios Colón.

It did not serve to end the losing streak. In the initial ten duels, a discreet balance of two wins, three draws and five defeats was signed. Albelda's name was placed in the eye of the hurricane and the rush around her soccer past resonated even more strongly. But the triumphs began to arrive and the doubts were dispelled. First, with a streak of four in six games. Then, with six consecutive victories.

The team was already climbing to the top of the table and the atmosphere changed color. Same, a video of a joke in the locker room went viral, in which you could see the union of all heading to the same direction. Meanwhile, Albelda kept the distance between what was and what is. One more technician of the 36 that will be played next weekend a place in the Second Division B. Of course, with a great future ahead.


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