Albano guts the new rumors about his daughter Ylenia and praises Giorgia Meloni: “I am fascinated by this woman”

Every so often Albano has to “relive” the tragedy he suffered on Christmas 1994., when his daughter Ylenia, the result of his marriage to Romina Power, disappeared. She was declared dead in 2013. During those nine years, the singer and his people did everything possible to recover his girl and put a happy ending to a tragedy that was always dark and bitter.

They did not succeed and suffered the consequences of unbearable pain that even ended the marriage of one of the most beloved couples in the artistic world. Albano clung to the harsh reality and realized that his daughter had died while Romina sought help in the afterlife, a fertile ground for scammers for desperate people. These weeks, a voice has once again emerged in the form of an American detective who says that Ylenia lives. More of the same. Albano is fed up with so much big mouth and just wants to know who he is so he can take him to court.. It wouldn’t be the first time he has done it and in Spain we know a lot about that from the case. Lydia Lozano, that he spent a lot of time maintaining that the girl was alive and ended up hating that information that has given him so much trouble.

I’m even embarrassed to ask him again about the case of his daughter Ylenia and the new rumors that suggest she is alive.

A: It’s a wound that never lets heal. You have to have a lot of skill not to fall victim to these stories and especially the bad attitude in the behavior of an abnormality like this.

Do you know how to protect yourself from these headlines?

A: I’ve lived long enough to know how to not be affected by these stupid, evil attacks that come up every now and then. I can’t understand what’s going through the heads of these people who spout those headlines.

Could it be an economic matter of making money at the expense of misfortune?

A: I think so, because there is no other explanation, but what I don’t know is where the money comes from to pay for those headlines.

He is lucky to have great strength of spirit and manage to no longer be affected by these attacks, but I don’t know if his ex-wife is that tough.

A: I have lived a long time to understand many mentalities, but that does not mean that you are left with a little bitterness for those attitudes. I don’t know where these people come from, if they are related to Lozano, but they are always savages with the same story. In the case of Romina, I cannot tell you nor do I know how these rumors may affect her. As Voltaire said: “I will disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Do you plan to report these stories?

A: I would like to know who spreads these hoaxes, what face they have and why they do it. The problem is that I don’t know. Just like I don’t understand the motivation.

We will leave this story to fall by its own weight, but I do want you to tell me about that dream that you have pending and that you hope to fulfill one day.

A: My great dream for many years is to be able to sing in the Plaza del Obradoiro in Santiago. Every year that I passed through that square, I go every year, I am impressed. Especially at night, when I look and feel the special magic that exists in such a magical place. I always think that if one day I could sing in that place at night it would be like living the greatest life. I could die peacefully after singing at the Obradoiro.

And what prevents it?

I really don’t know what steps I have to take to be able to perform in such a special place. I don’t know what the problem will be but I do want everyone to know that it is the dream of my life that one day I hope to be able to fulfill. Maybe someone who reads this interview will have the answer and get it.

Do you plan to come to Spain?

A: At the moment I do not have a tour planned in Spain and I confess that I would like to relive in your country the success that I had in the 70s. At that time I had to leave Spain because they wanted me in Russia and other parts of the world but my idea is relive that stage.

And would it be possible to do that tour with his ex-wife Romina?

A: We have already done some concerts together and I assure you that we made a very important duo that they continue to claim today. You never know what could happen but you would have to ask her.

And how are you feeling after all this?

A: I’m like a bomb. Good and very aware of the national and international situations, especially with the wars in Ukraine and Israel that affect us all because it is a very tragic moment and even more so with the information we have today about the countries that have atomic bombs, which would mean the end of humanity. Before, those stories about the bomb seemed crazy to us but today it is not and I have been able to see it in Switzerland where for many years it has been mandatory to build anti-atomic shelters. That’s why I repeat, nothing crazy.

Do you like the new president of Italy, Georgia Meloni?

A: He has a lot of drive. He comes from a very hard childhood, with serious difficulties aggravated by the absence of his father, but despite everything he never sold out. She knows how to defend herself well when attacked and I like her democratic ways. I admit that I am fascinated by this woman.

Are you still committed to your resort in southern Italy?

A: The G7 summit in Puglia has put this city on the world map. Today it is known throughout the world thanks to the media and that has made a formidable promotion of my land. I feel very proud of how things are going. I have not had any officials staying at my resort because it is 100 kilometers from the summit, but I assure you that I have loved the image that has been given in all the international media.