It was a party without candy. Only Alba gave a pass candy so that Pique made of Luke de Jong, because the Dutchman did not do himself, and scored the only goal that allowed the Barça stay alive in the Champions. Little prize for more than 40,000 enthusiastic Barcelona fans, the good ones, who did not stop cheering and only distributed a whistle to Luke, Sergi Roberto and to the late game the second part. But it is that nobody gives them a party, not a candy. The Barcelona player is suffering the message of a disastrous economy, of a football without spark, of discreet results, of seeing De Jong in place of Messi and having to pass the Barça space with a credit of 1,500 million when they have told him that it was coming from the dissolution of the club. Pique He took advantage of the candy but the Barça fans have very low glucose data. What is surely missing is serotonin, some joy, a little bit of passion and emotions, confidence, intensity and football.

BEFORE PLAYING THE MATCH ALL the world signed the hackneyed expression of “win or win.” Nobody signed it afterwards. It is logical because no Barcelona player can accept, without further ado, visualize the team so far from what they have experienced in the Camp Nou more than a decade of luxury. Alba was chosen the best of the game but surely they were more intoned Pique and Busquets. But a candy is a candy and currently it seems that it is offered at the door of a school. Barça fans would prefer a healthy diet, low in calories and full of emotions, but the club has abandoned the menu to go to the menu. There are very good ones, but those accustomed to caviar have to vary their expectations. The debate will remain open on whether the problem is Koeman or the squad, but on Sunday against him Madrid A match like yesterday’s will not be accepted without the minimum intensity and speed necessary to compete. Against him Real at Camp Nou they all play it. And there is a lot of hunger. Good dessert. He won over Valencia and Dinamo, without greatness, but the icing on the cake is to overcome white.