Jordi Alba could not have had a worse premiere this season in the Champions League. He's already gotten off to a bad start in the morning after having to miss his morning wake-up session due to an upset stomach. It was tested during warm-up and everything seemed to be in place, but a few minutes before the game began the pain reappeared.

In any case, the player started the game and held on until his body and legs said enough. It was specifically in a play where the ball was going to go out and was launched to avoid it that Alba noticed a puncture in the back of the right thigh. The player put his hand back and looked at the bench, asking for change.

It was minute 73 and Alejandro Balde entered for the international, who sat on the bench exhausted and powerless before the umpteenth problem in his career. Now we will have to wait for the tests to determine the severity of these annoyances, but the first sensations in the dressing room were not at all flattering. In fact, the most pessimistic were already openly talking about several weeks off.