The appearance of this young Instagramer has turned the history of Daniel Sancho. They met through mutual friends and their relationship had grown much closer in the last weeks prior to the chef’s trip to Thailand, to the point that Alba would be one of the few people who knew of the existence of Edwin Arrieta and the pressures that Rodolfo Sancho’s son received from him.

Daniel had presented the Colombian surgeon as an “investor” in front of some of his friends. Few, actually. Among them Alba. Only they knew that Edwin wanted sex in exchange for investing in Daniel’s businesses and that he refused. He told them that he was overwhelmed and distressed, the same version that he gave to the Thai police during his testimony and that would be key to his defense at trial. Therefore, some of these friends, including Alba, could testify before the judge to ratify these facts: “This is important because they can testify at trial, and in fact I believe that some are going to do so, and justify that this harassment existed. and that may be the most valuable mitigating circumstance for Daniel’s defense in that trial. “Probably, of all Daniel’s testimonies, hers may be the most important.”they have assured in And now Sonsoles.

Alba was one of the last people to see Daniel before his departure to Thailand. They were together in Ibiza and Formentera, where they enjoyed the parties on the island where Edwin Arrieta also moved for a few days. She is dedicated to the world of marketing and fashion and she does not want to be affected by scandal, so this Tuesday she closed her social networks.