Alba Carrillo, with a knife against Escassi (whom she compares to Feliciano): “He has disappointed me”

Alba Carrillo has once again shown that she doesn’t mince words. The model was the talk of the town a few weeks ago for joking about Feliciano Lopezher ex, for whom she does not reserve a single good word. And now, she has gotten wet again in front of the press. This time, however, putting the photo in Alvaro Muñoz EscassiThe model believes that both have similarities, although the jockey is, in her opinion, a better person than the former tennis player.

“María José comes from Feliciano López so she is seasoned in the things of life”she said on Monday at an event organized by Burger King, stating that after the former model’s relationship with Feliciano, the end of her relationship with Escassi will be “child’s play” for her.

“After Feli, who drives you crazy and makes you think you’re crazy, this is a joke,” said Carrillo, who feels a certain sympathy for Escassi. “He’s a blunderer but he’s a good guy. He’s nice, endearing… and the other one isn’t. She’s emotionally worked up.”he commented.

Nevertheless, The model does not agree with the attitude that the rider adopted in Friday! programme where last weekend she said that she had an open relationship with María José Suárez, which justified her infidelities. The designer denies these statements and assures that her relationship was closed and that the Andalusian seemed to her “a disgraceful character”.

“That’s not the case. I was a little disappointed in that. He had to be a gentleman and admit that he was unfaithful,” Carrillo concluded. These statements come as we wait to find out if Miss will make it into the pages of some celebrity magazine this week. According to what has been learned InformaliaValeri, the young trans woman who slept with Escassi and revealed his infidelities to the modelwas going to give an interview to Lecturas, something that has been put on hold (for now).

A few years ago, Carrillo said that the jockey tried to flirt with her mother, Lucía Pariente, who rejected him with a “get out, get out.” And that despite the fact that Lucía Pariente, who has been married to Carlos, the father of her only daughter, for more than 20 years, had already stated that in their marriage they both give each other “a lot of liberties” and that she had never been in love with him: “I love him like the first day, but I have never been in love. I don’t understand this thing about love, that is bread for today and hunger for tomorrow and I want bread for every day”.