Jorge Javier Vazquez has said enough and, this Thursday, has charged like never before against Alba Carrillo and his mother, Lucia Relative. Later, she has transpired that the collaborator of it’s already noon She has been suddenly fired from Telecinco, although Alba herself has been in charge of denying it later.

Everything has exploded when the Mediaset presenter has announced his legal victory against Pariente, for a lawsuit that she filed for harassment. “An emotional memory for Lucía Pariente that she intended to paper over me and has not succeeded”, he has written on Twitter, explaining that he has been acquitted.

After in Save me, Jorge has been out of his mind. He considers that Alba has spoken bad things about him on the sets without receiving any reprimand for it: “Do you know of these days that you feel that you have come to work and they have peed on your face? And that no matter how much you warn them they continue to pee on your I don’t know if this will happen to other presenters, but it will to me.” In short, the Mediaset star has not felt supported by his chain.

In this sense, he added: “Alba Carrillo is allowed to tell me that it is very good to fight against the humiliation of animals, but that I humiliate people on the sets. In this chain she is allowed to say it and I have to keep watching it on this channel.

Later, he has returned to the charge against Pariente: “The mother denounces me for harassment, that we are here working with people who denounce us. They have acquitted me, of course. Lucía you have lost, that you have accused me of harassment, which is a very serious. That you that day, when leaving the set of Secret Story, you called me a son of a bitch up. They had to kick you out because of how you got mad.”

After the episode that it names, the network did not take action against both: “You both continued to work, and the girl there pissed on me. Do I have to put up with her continuing to talk about me? I’m dead to you. Your mother has lost, I don’t I harassed her. She said that she feared even for her integrity. I’m dead and I’m still dead to you and your mother, I hope. Leave me alone!”

Finally, Jorge has launched a taunt to the chain and the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, who is in charge of it’s already noon: “I don’t know how we accept this, but there will come a time when we will have to stand up. I would never allow Ana Rosa to be spoken of in this way, that no one who works here speaks of her in the terms she speaks of me.”

After the direct reprimand, the magazine lectures has published that Carrillo has been fired from the Fuencarral chain. The reason? Alba’s criticism of the chain on her social networks. However, the ex of Feliciano López and Fonsi Nieto has denied it in The reason emphatically: “That’s a lie, I’m going to continue in It’s already noonwhere I think they are very happy with me and I am also with them”.

Jorge Javier vs. Alba and Lucia Pariente

After the notorious clashes between the two parties in Secret Story, the sentence shared by Jorge has arrived. the driver of Save me He has been acquitted of the lawsuit that Lucía filed for harassment.

But everything does not stay there. The mother of the model has been victorious against the producer of the reality show, Zeppelin, since her dismissal has been considered inappropriate and they have to compensate her financially for it.

“It’s funny, we both couldn’t win. Publish the entire sentence. I hope you write better than you read, I say this because of your new book. It’s impossible that I wanted to paper you, because it was work. The one who compensates is me, read well “, Relative replied to Jorge on Twitter.