Alba Carrillo has reacted after Jorge Pérez’s latest publication, in which he once again admits his mistakes for betraying his wife. The former civil guard reiterates that he will do everything possible for his marriage to the writer Alicia Peña: “My absolute priority is to be with my wife, protect my family and recover my sanity in the face of this whole situation.”

The model, tired of all this matter, is angry because she has heard certain rumors off-camera: “I think she has said things from behind that I did not like,” she explained on Tuesday in it’s already noon.

In this sense, he added: “But Jorge, what are you saying? I don’t understand what it means, I would like him to explain it to me, it is true that there are things that I am hearing from him that I am not liking but I am going to keep calm”.

She has held her breath and has stressed that she is a “free” woman and that she can do whatever she “wants”. “I’m already up to the tip of my nose in dramas […] This has been something that happens to everyone, that everyone does and that’s fine, we’re going to stop dramatizing.”

On the other hand, Alba has received sexist criticism from those who question her for getting involved with a married man. You have to remember that she is not with anyone. The one who has a responsible affective bond with another person, the mother of his four children, is him: “I am here and I deserve the same respect and I have the same family, having a child is no less than having four and I have a project of life”.

Alba’s words come after the last message from the former winner of survivors. In it he talks about “approach” and “touching” again and not about a kiss. It seems that in that approach or touch he did not remember his wife. “This mistake is being magnified immeasurably. Because of a mistake they want to destroy my life,” he said. His wife has forgiven him and, like him, she is willing to fight for her marriage.