Colleagues and friends of the model were concerned last Tuesday when the talk show host informed her program Fiesta of his absence, barely three hours before its start. According to his mother, Alba Carrillo she had suffered a severe anxiety attack that had taken her to the hospital and she herself sent a message to Emma Garcia assuring that he would not speak of his affair with Jorge Perez: “I need to calm down and compose myself.” However, there could be something more.

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Magazine Week affirms this Wednesday that Alba has agreed to sit in the Deluxe next Saturday to recount everything that until now would have been silent. And of course, the program check is not worth the same if Fonsi Nieto’s ex continues to hit the ‘boneless’ all week in the different Mediaset spaces and social networks as if she remains ‘disappeared’ and silent for a few days.

As we said, Alba’s absence surprised all her teammates in Fiestabecause a few hours before she herself was starring in a live show with two reporters from Ana Rosa’s program releasing new details of his passionate night with the former civil guard: “I thought it was softer, but it surprised me for good.”

Now, in addition, it is known that Alba was not the only one who flirted with Jorge at the famous Unicorn party. Also bea jarrinthe journalist from four a day which, according to witnesses, unleashed Carrillo’s jealousy to the point of earning a slap on his part, as they have revealed in Save me.